6 Tips On Working From Home

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Due to our increasingly connected world, it’s becoming easier and easier to work from home. How do some of our most successful Avon Representatives do it? Here, we caught up with Alicia Hessinger Dias and Emily Seagren to score their best tips on eliminating distractions, creating a great work space in your home, and more.

1. Figure Out Your Best Working Time

For Dias, it’s all about late-night work sessions. ”I find the evenings a bit of a quiet time to multi task and get through a number of things on my to do list,” she says. But beware, she says. Working while you’re making dinner may not be the best use of your multitasking skills. Another tip from Dias is to work when you have the lulls in between major tasks. For instance, she says to work in the morning while you enjoy your a.m. coffee or tea.

2. Eliminate Clutter

Remember in high school or college when you’d clean your room before sitting down to study for exams or write a paper? The same principle applies here. Avon Representative Emily Seagren notes that “it’s important that whatever area you chose to work in is clutter-free, so you can focus on being productive that you don’t have to clean a mess.”

3. Maximize Your Uninterrupted Time

Says Dias, invest in your time in something that furthers your own brand, your own voice, your own business. “For me that is usually my blog and investing in some time to truly tend to it and write a good post and share it out. Usually an hour for writing, perfecting and sharing with the additional 30 minutes for picture taking.” Be realistic with yourself about how much time things take and plan accordingly throughout the week. Seagren advises getting rid of distractions by putting your phone in airplane mode. “Don’t answer the phone, check emails, or look at Facebook while you’re in your work zone,” she says.

4. Prioritize

Seagren loves to be creative and go on a whim, but if she doesn’t plan, she ends up making things more complicated in her head. For her, it’s all about a checklist. “My kids are in school from 7:30-2:30, when I’m at breakfast, I have my planner with me to write down what I want to accomplish for work,” she says. Seagren prioritizes based on the area of business that she wants to grow the most. It’s all about considering what will have the most impact and spending your time on that first.

5. Always Be Learning

Seagren listens to personal development and motivational speakers while she cleans her house, so she’s still learning. Even while doing things unrelated to her work as an Avon Representative. She likes to the following speakers and authors: Dani Johnson, Brendon Bouchard, John Maxwell, Sarah Robbins, and Zig Ziglar.

6. Clock It

Use timers and alarms to keep you on schedule for meetings, work projects, email time, or phone calls to keep you task. Seagren’s uninterrupted work time is from 11am to 2:30pm, so she uses these tools to keep her as productive as possible during the two days where she doesn’t have a babysitter.


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Do you know what your skin type is?

Normal / Dry Skin Fine pores Matt appearance Drier towards the sides of the face
Normal / Sensitive Skin Redness Some itchiness Feeling of dehydration
Oily / Combination Skin Oily “T section” (forehead, nose and chin) Blemishes Blackheads

Now with that said what do you do:

First off just knowing what your skin type is… is the first step in correcting the problem.. The next step is making the right choice in your routine.  We are in our winter months right now so most people have the issue with dry skin..  so with that said  this is how you avoid the dryness..

Protect your skin

The most common skin care myth is that you can’t get sunburned during the winter months. Sunlight is always sunlight, regardless of the season. Wear sunscreen no matter how cold or warm it is, since sunlight is always there and sun-damaged skin has minimal ability to function normally. The damage can lead to a host of other problems that may keep your skin from looking its best.


Use a  moisturiser.  It should contain ingredients that help keep the water in the skin. Lotions or a cream is best for dry skin. Apply a moisturiser after showering or bathing, since skin is more vulnerable after it is clean. The sooner you moisturise after your shower, the better off you will be.


Indoor heat saps moisture from the room and pulls natural water from your skin. The cause of most weather-related dry skin is low humidity. Humidifiers are relatively inexpensive, last a long time and can keep your skin breathing during the night. Even placing a bowl filled with lukewarm water on top of the radiator can help add moisture into the air.  I remember growing up on the farm in Iowa Mom would place a coffee can of water on the stove during the winter months.

Take care of your hands

Cracked and painful skin on the hands can be a big nuisance. To prevent your hands from drying out in the cold air, apply moisturiser after hand washing or at least several times throughout the day. Keeping a bottle of lotion in your desk at work can help you to remember to care of your hands.Or leave it right by your sink.  Don’t forget that your nails can become dry just like the skin, so make sure to moisturise every part of your hands.

Protect your lips

Your lips are often the first to surrender to cold winter air. Apply a lip moisturiser as often as you can. Avoid products with menthol or phenol that can irritate the skin. Choose the most emollient balm you can find to keep your lips protected. I keep a tube in my purse and desk drawer, makeup bag.. they are everywhere.

Final word is Hydrate and Moisturise. Do it now and your body will love you later in years…

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Have a blessed humpday..




Get The Modern Power Brow

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the eyebrows are the beautiful window dressing that frame the face. We declare that the power brow is back—and stronger than ever.

Ready to get your “eyebrows on fleek?” Avon’s Beauty for a Purpose spoke with the pros about the confidence that comes with fierce brows—and how to get the look.

Behold, the power of the brow

Brows have a language of their own. When groomed and shaped correctly they can express everything from allure to empathy. “Well-groomed brows are not only powerful, but liberating—because they make such a statement, you can get away with very little makeup, just a beautiful lip color and mascara,” says celebrity makeup and brow artist Julie Tussey. “Brows are dependable—meaning you can have a bad hair day, but your brows will pull everything together and always boost your confidence.” Avon Celebrity Makeup Artist Lauren Andersen’s take on ungroomed brows? “It’s like a putting a picture on the wall without a frame.”

What is a power brow?
Tussey defines it as a big, bold brow that is large in size and strong in color, with an angled shape to complement the lines of a woman’s cheekbones and jawbone. Brow shape depends on personal preference, but the experts agree that full is fierce. “I suggest keeping them as full as possible because they will naturally begin to leave you as time marches on,” Tussey notes. Lauren Andersen (who shows off her gorgeous brows in the photo above) suggests following the shape of your brow bone to enhance your natural face shape.

Ignore the fads
Forget all those prior moments of, ahem, experimentation (luckily, those over-arched mistakes grew back!). Whether you hear that thin is in or it’s all about the curves, pay no attention to how everyone else is tweezing (or waxing, or threading). “I am a firm believer in not following the trends when it comes to brows. They need to be framed to your own face shape,” says beauty and style expert Rebekah George. Tussey agrees: “Find a brow shape that is the best for your face shape and stick with it the rest of your life.”

Don’t overdo it
Those with a tendency to keep plucking, step away from the tweezers. Like everything in beauty and in life, it’s important to find a good balance. “Brows should be groomed but not over-groomed, structured but clean,” says Lauren Andersen. Avoid this trap: “When shaping their own brows, most women do not consider the length. There is a tendency to shorten the brows at the front and at the ends, and make the body of the brow too thin,” Tussey notes.

Everyone’s hair grows at a different rate, so let the mirror be your guide as to when it’s time for a cleanup. “You don’t have to do it as often as you think. The key is not to overdo it, so go the maximum time in between growing your brows,” says George (who’s found that a once-every-three-months schedule works best for her). “If you mess with them too much they just might leave you for good, so please give your brow hair a lot of love!” Tussey adds.

Assemble your arsenal
If you can, find a professional who knows how to groom brows—and stick with that person. “A professional brow is the same as a professional haircut…a designed shape is much easier to follow,” says Tussey, who encourages checking that the pro has gone to school, has a license to perform her craft, and works in a professional setting practicing clinical techniques and cleanliness. After a few visits (aka “brow rehab”), she says her clients can learn how to maintain their brows independently (check out her YouTube video for more specific instructions).

George offers a tip on finding just the right guru: “On your first visit, just do a consult and have them etch out what they would do in white pencil so you can see the shape,” she suggests. For at-home touch-ups, she recommends investing in a brow brush and scissors, as well as powder or pencil to fill in any gaps (for the best effect, it should be no more than two shades light that your natural hair color).

Most importantly, have patience—both with your brow hair’s growth and the quest for the perfect shape. With a little time (and the right tweezers), your power brows will be on point.



For full article go to: https://www.avon.com/blog/beauty/modern-power-brow?rep=elainebabb

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Checklist: 5 Steps To Become Your Own Boss

Who hasn’t fantasized about calling all the shots? Studies show that entrepreneurship in the U.S. is currently on the rise, reversing a six-year downward trend. Whether you want to sell beauty products (ahem, do we hear Avon calling?) or open your own boutique, it’s tempting to hop on the be-your-own-boss bandwagon. Read on for a few pointers on how to prepare to take the leap toward an entrepreneurial endeavor.

Check 1: You have a mentor in your field.

It’s safe to say that behind many successful entrepreneurs, there’s a knowledgeable mentor who helped them get there. “Mentors hold the key to insight,” says serial entrepreneur Jen Groover of Leader Girlz. “They teach us things that we might not know yet on the journey. The insight that mentors can provide can accelerate your path to success,” she explains. Who is your Mentor?

Check 2: You’re ready to take risks.

The entrepreneurial path is all about taking chances. “You can’t innovate by playing it safe,” Groover tells us. “You cannot succeed by being like everybody else. Innovators are the leaders.” And taking risks shouldn’t be intimidating. “I believe the word needs to change to ‘take a chance’ or ‘leap of faith’,” says health and wellness entrepreneur Maya Chambers of Maya’s Goddess Juices. “Risks don’t have to be scary. For some reason we almost see them that way, but I try to see every opportunity as a good one.”

Check 3: You want to know it all.

When you’re launching a business it’s important to be as well rounded as possible. “As much as you might not like all aspects of business, you should at least have a sense of awareness of all aspects of your business,” Groover suggests. “Even if you do hire someone with a certain expertise, you should sit alongside them so that you at least understand all the different aspects of operations.” The stakes are even higher when it comes to finances. “If you don’t know where your money is going or where it’s coming from, you’re going to have a hard time attaining certain goals and scaling your business,” she adds.

Check 4: You’ve become a social butterfly.

It’s no secret that networking is crucial to growing your business. You just might meet your next investor at an industry mixer. While volume does not equal value, Groover recommends attending at least four “high-quality” networking events per week, and making a minimum of three high-quality relationships at each one. Chambers explains, “I’ve met so many extraordinary women at events. Even if I don’t get a card or their information, often just having the conversation is enough to inspire.”

Check 5: You believe in your wildest dreams.

“Women’s biggest issue in business is not lack of education or resources, but a lack of believing in themselves and their power,” Groover tells us. “Believe that you can be the next multi-millionaire or own that mansion. Always believe that you’re worthy and that you can make a difference.”

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How To Be Single And Happy (Instead Of Miserable) — Thought Catalog

Averie Woodard1. Know your worth. A lot of people say this all the time, but you have to know who you are and what your limits and standards are. It’s no good scraping the bottom of the barrel just so that you’re not single. Sometimes it’s the guy you’ve settled for who ends up breaking…

via How To Be Single And Happy (Instead Of Miserable) — Thought Catalog

12 Months of Empowerment: Organize And Set Yourself Up For Financial Success in 2017




Ready for some good news to ring in the New Year? “Everybody has the power to be wealthy.  “It’s just about taking the necessary steps to get there.”

First step: Organize your budget and set up a concrete financial strategy for 2017—and beyond. Studies have shown that those who make commitments related to their cash flow feel more financially secure and carry less debt. Even if you’re feeling pretty flush this January, putting together a long-term fiscal plan could give you a better grasp on your #lifegoals.

We consulted with Rapley and Lauren Bowling, the money expert behind L Bee and the Money Tree, for their pro tips on getting your accounts in top shape this calendar year.

Commit to saving.

“Living paycheck to paycheck, when you make enough to cover your expenses and then some, is a recipe for disaster,” says Bowling. “In addition to saving for emergencies, you need to be preparing for retirement.” She recommends kicking off this “rainy day” fund with $1,000 and working your way up from there.

One way to jump-start savings is to launch a side hustle, or an extra gig in which you control the hours you put in as well as your earning potential (note to self: put those funds aside for that aforementioned rainy day). “The fact that I am my own boss I can say, hey I want to make this much money, or I want to make that much money,” says Avon Representative Shaundre Bryson.

Crunch some numbers.

Break out the calculator and subtract your monthly expenses from your monthly income. This will give an idea of how much extra cash you can put into savings, pay off debt, or invest. Use a stylish day planner (also great for keeping track of payment due dates), a handy finance app, or a good old Excel sheet to track your earnings and expenses all year.

Separate needs from wants.

“The people who are the most financially successful understand sacrifice,” Rapley tells us. It’s time to do some spending soul-searching to eliminate those “essential” expenses that might be anything but. “You don’t have to cut out all of your wants, but you need to narrow them down so that they fit in your budget.” For instance, doing your manicures at home in 2017 could save you upwards of $600 in a year.

Take action.

Organizing your finances is about determining the concrete steps you can take to improve your financial situation over time. Allocate a portion of your budget every month to pay off a certain card or put into savings. Bowling suggests automating a fraction of your paycheck to go into savings well before it hits the account you use to pay bills and do your spending.

Think long-term.

How much money do you need to make your long-term goals happen? Calculate the savings you’ll need to afford a down payment on your dream home or start your own business down the road. “Get clear on what you want in your life,” says Rapley, “and decide what financial goals you need to accomplish to make that life happen.”

Invest in yourself.

Bowling says investing in yourself—whether that means preparing for retirement or going back to school—is the best thing you can do with your money. And Rapley advises that if you’re in a sound financial position, you shouldn’t be afraid to invest in something you love that won’t necessarily earn cash back. “Whether it’s dance or pottery classes—you also want to enjoy your life.”


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How to Wear Sparkly Makeup

How to Wear Sparkly Makeup

Glittery makeup looks enticing in the package (and many of us rocked it at prom back in the day!), but is the sparkly stuff really wearable once you’re years past graduation? Yes, says Avon celebrity makeup artist Lauren Andersen, provided you do it the right way. Here’s how to shine—like a grownup.

Think shimmer, not glitter.

“Glitter feels very young—shimmer is more sophisticated,” says Andersen. “Shimmers are a little more refined, but they still catch and reflect light.” Avoid eye shadows, lipsticks, and blushes with visible chunks of glitter, which are too juvenile. Instead, you want something with a more subdued luminosity that softly twinkles when the light hits it. Two to try: Avon Mega Metals Cream Eyeshadow, which comes in four shades—copper, silver, rose, plum—each with a gorgeous sheen, and the Avon For The Love of Makeup Artist Palette, which is stocked with 30 eyeshadows, including several shimmery colors that have the perfect amount of subtle sparkle. The mark. Touch & Glow Shimmer Cream Cubes All Over Face Palette is another great option to add a bit of shimmer to the face.

There’s a time and a place for it.

Remember that sparkle isn’t going to work for any old occasion. “Something like glitter eyes can be fun for New Year’s, but they’re definitely not for every day,” says Andersen. For the office, a softly shimmery beige eye shadow will add just enough of a luminous glow, but anything more overt is probably best saved for special (evening) occasions.

Use it in small doses.

Wearing full-on sparkle everywhere won’t make you look festive—it’ll make you look like the Tin Man! To avoid overkill, wear it sparingly, focusing on just one feature at a time. “Wearing glitter or shimmer on nails looks really cool,” says Andersen. “I also love a pop of glitter in eyeliner.” These little hints of sparkle add a dose of fun for a holiday party or evening out, but allow the rest of your makeup to stay polished. On nails, try Avon Nailwear Pro+  Nail Enamel, which includes shades that have a shimmer finish; for eyes, we love the flash of twinkle you get from Avon True Color Glimmersticks Diamonds Eye Liner.

It’s sexy on skin.

One can’t-go-wrong way to wear shimmer is highlighter. “I love putting shimmer where the light hits your face: the tops of cheekbones, the bridge of nose, and the browbones,” says Andersen. The effect is super flattering, and still totally sophisticated. We like mark. That’s Brilliant Face & Eye Luminizer, a beautiful golden liquid in an easy-to-use brush-on tube. Or try the Avon For The Love of Makeup Artist Palette, which comes with two pretty highlighting powders tucked inside.


9 Anti-Aging Tips to Know Now

9 Anti-Aging Tips to Know Now

9 Anti-Aging Tips to Know Now

Looking younger doesn’t require a magic wand. But it does take the right products—and a healthy lifestyle. We asked Avon’s consulting dermatologist, Dr. Kim Nichols, to share her best tips for getting the most youthful complexion ever. Here’s how to put your best face forward.

1. Wear sunscreen.

We know, we know, you’ve heard it before. But this is why: Wearing sunscreen is the number one thing you can do to prevent wrinkles and dark spots. Period. Dr. Nichols suggests choosing a broad-spectrum, SPF formula, and wearing it every single day, rain or shine. Your skin will thank you later.

2. Slather on an antioxidant serum.

SPF isn’t all you need. For an extra boost of protection against skin-harming free radicals, smooth on an antioxidant serum just before applying sunscreen. “Antioxidant serums act as a barrier to protect your skin from sun and pollutants,” says Dr. Nichols. “Look for one with vitamin C, which has been proven to be one of the best antioxidants available.” Try Avon ANEW Vitamin C Brightening Serum.


3. Exfoliate regularly.

Feel like your skin looks duller as you get older? It’s not your imagination. “Skin cell turnover slows down as we age,” says Dr. Nichols. And when cell turnover slows down, dead skin builds up, reducing that youthful glow. “The best thing to do is to start using retinol and scrubs to increase skin cell turnover,” she says. Her pick: Avon ANEW Clinical Extra Strength Retexturizing Peel. “These pads are very effective, but not too harsh, and I like that they have soothing ingredients added to glycolic acid,” she says.

4. Cleanse twice a day.

One evening-only wash isn’t going to cut it. For your best skin ever, you need to cleanse morning and night. “Cleansing in the morning removes dead skin and forms a good base for makeup and sunscreen application,” says Dr. Nichols. “A nighttime cleanse removes makeup and any pollutants that have gotten on the skin during the day, allowing your night cream to better penetrate.”

5. Plump up wrinkles.

“When your skin is dry, makeup sits in fine lines, making you look older, but a good moisturizer can fix that,” says Dr. Nichols. Smoothing on a rich cream will hydrate parched skin, plumping wrinkles instantly, while also improving their appearance over time. Try Avon ANEW Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Crème, which contains rare Tahitian black pearl extract to improve skin’s moisture levels.


6. Stress less

Whatever you are worrying about, it can show on your complexion. “Stress is a big cause of skin issues,” says Dr. Nichols. “It causes cortisol levels to rise, which causes inflammation, leading to the breakdown of collagen and also acne.” For your skin’s sake (and that of your psyche!), consider trying proven stress-relieving activities such as yoga, meditation, or even taking a few deep, cleansing breaths.

7. Get some zzzs.

Turns out, we do need our beauty sleep! “When we don’t get enough sleep, cortisol levels go up,” says Dr. Nichols. As a result, skin won’t have the proper opportunity to build collagen and can end up looking dull and dry. So switch off Netflix and power down that iPhone—aim to get at least seven hours each night and you’ll wake up rested and radiant.

8. Don’t forget to exercise.

Working out benefits far more than just your cardiovascular system. “Exercise is a huge part of skin health,” says Dr. Nichols. “It decreases cortisol and keeps skin cells turning over. Skin is our biggest organ, so what’s good for our bodies and is good for our skin.” Whether you choose spinning, jogging, swimming, or kickboxing doesn’t matter—just get moving!

9. Eat right.

Youthful skin starts from the inside out, so what you eat matters. Cut down on sugary junk foods, which can lead to inflammation and wrinkles, and load up on complexion-beautifying foods like antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies and foods with omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon. “Omega 3 are good for your heart, but also help with lipids to keep skin hydrated,” says Dr. Nichols.

For more skin care advice from Dr. Nichols, check out her latest video where she shares her tips for a nighttime skin care routine:

Anti-aging Video


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What’s Your 2017 Theme? Start Your New Year Action Plan Here


What’s Your 2017 Theme? Start Your New Year Action Plan Here.

If you can’t keep that commitment to clean out your email inbox at the end of each day, make it to the gym every morning or skip coffee in favor of herbal tea, you’re not the only one.Studies show that only eight percent of people stick to their New Year’s resolutions long-term.

The good news: January 1st isn’t the only day to turn over a new leaf. Gretchen Rubin, author of Better Than Before and The Happiness Project, advocates for defining a one-word theme for the year over a more traditional resolution. Putting a positive mantra into action, whether it’s exploredream or impact, makes every day a fresh new start, rather than laying down a set of rules you’re unlikely to follow. Here’s how to make the goal stick.

A theme may work better than a traditional resolution.

“The one-word theme is really meant to be something that embraces your higher expectations and the big idea you want to play out over the year,” Rubin says. Her past choices include make and bigger. “It depends on what you want. For me, bigger was just about thinking bigger and having a bigger vision with more possibility.”

Choose the one-word focus that works for you.

For Asha Dahya, TV host and creator of Girl Talk HQ, the theme is passion. “Wake up every day. Find something that you’re passionate about, whether it’s a hobby, your job, a lifestyle, or something you do for fun,” she explains. “Do everything with passion every day. For me, it’s changed my life.”

Rubin, on the other hand, is mixing it up this year with a two-word focus: lighten up. “I know that when I lighten up, when I see the funny side and remind myself to keep things in perspective, I’m more pleasant to be around—for myself and for other people,” she says. “I am more resilient and flexible and keep things in perspective better. This is something that I work on constantly, but I decided this year I was going to elevate it to be my whole theme.”

Put it into action.

Although thinking of an empowering theme is a fun, creative way to help you get started, Rubin emphasizes that the act of simply choosing one is not enough – you must also create a real plan. “How would you translate it into something that would actually happen?” she asks. For example, a theme of adventure could mean taking three trips throughout the year—so pull out the calendar and start planning. A theme of fun might involve starting a book club or trying a new cuisine each week.

The best part of choosing a theme rather than a resolution? Rubin summarizes, “It’s aiming you toward a higher, happier goal.”

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