Couponing with Avon


From time to time Avon has great specials going on and you can purchase and receive a discount and sometimes you can get free stuff too just by entering a code at the end of the checkout form.

You have to watch for these codes on a daily basis as they change all the time.  Why do they change so much?  Well it is so they can offer you more and more savings..

Today it just happens that you don’t need a code and you still get 65% OFF.. WOW  I know right.. I was amazed too.

Shop now >

No code needed with this little beauty.. You will also get free shipping with a $40.00 purchase.  

Here is just a few things I think you will like.

Skin So Soft Satin Glow Absolute Glow Gel$3.99  Foot Works Beautiful Ginger & White Tea Clay Mask$1.99  Avon Senses Sparkling Starfruit and Coconut Shower Gel$2.99

Skin So Soft Signature Silk Perfecting Oil$4.99$4.99 Sheriff Callie Plush$5.99

mark. Bold As Brass Dress$19.99


Check out my E-Store today…  65% off on selected items.


Thank you for shopping my small business.






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